Remz Live Stream


Remz PBs

Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario WorldSNES

Individual Mario Games

  • Super Mario BrosSNES : 5m 32s
  • Super Mario Bros. Lost LevelsSNES : 8m 58s
  • Super Mario Bros. 2SNES : 8m 51s
  • Super Mario Bros. 2NES : 10m 48s
  • Super Mario Bros. 3SNES : 12m 11s
  • Super Mario Bros. 3NES – Warpless : 59m 49s
  • Super Mario WorldSNES : 11m 36s
  • Super Mario WorldSNES – No Starworld : 43m 25s

Zelda: A Link to the PastSNES



Other Games



Although native language is canadian french, english is used by default unless stated otherwise.


Speedrunning :

Racing :!/remz


Chat scripts used on the stream are based on an irc script by Rambly with some CSS customizations.
The custom font has been heavily inspired by an image font created by Acmlm.
Timer tiled background is also a two-tone modified version of the background found on his website.