Genesis Netplay Tutorial

Genesis Netplay Download

  • Download Gens 2.10, the GEN emulator used for online play.
  • Extract the file, open the containing folder and open Gens.
  • Create a “roms” folder inside the root directory and put your ROMs (game files) in it. (wgens210/roms/)
  • Click on “Option” and “Joypads…” to configure your controller or keyboard (plug your controller before you start Gens).
  • Click on “Redefine Keys”.
  • Click on an input then press the button you want to set. Click “OK” when you’re done.
  • Click on “File” and on “Netplay”.
  • Click on “Master Server List” and wait for all servers to ping. Select any server with a low ping and click on “Connect“. It is recommended that you download the latest server list in case kaillera service goes offline.
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