Kaillera Master Server List Backup

Kaillera servers  http://kaillera.remz.ca

! Recommended ! : Import the latest up-to-date Kaillera Master Server List backup in your client for when kaillera.com service is offline.

  • Kaillera Master Server List download (right-click, save as…)

Instructions :

Put the file (n02.ini) inside the root directory of your emulator, just where the “kailleraclient.dll” file is.

Remz Kaillera Servers Remz Domain Kaillera Servers    

Other Main Servers Other Main Kaillera Servers

  • Smash Atlantis : (ATL)
  • Fighting Atlanta Gamers : (Atlanta)
  • SSB Dallas : (Dallas)
  • Eylusion Mumble : (San Francisco)
  • Phantasia : (France)
  • Los Angeles Pizza Server : (Los Angeles)
  • Ultimate Cup : (Moscow City)
  • Liga Mortal Kombat : : 80 (Argentina)
  • Pancadaria : (Rio de Janeiro)
  • [Tekken Battle Net] : : 10000 (Korea)

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ClientKaillera Clients

Kaillera Server FIles Kaillera Server Files (only if you want to run a server)

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How to run your own Emulinker X server on a Centos 6 – 64-bits shell:

You will need a shell account with full root access to run your server.

  1. Install JAVA JDK using the yum command “sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk”
  2. Upload the Emulinker X Files (fixed version) to the root folder using an FTP program.
  3. Edit the configuration files to suit your needs.
  4. Type “chmod +x *.sh” to get permissions
  5. Type “./server.sh &” to start the server.