N64 – Muppen ++ Netplay Setup

NOTE: Mupen64k (Mupen64++) uses the host’s game save files. If you want to use saves while playing online, it is advised that you backup them regularly to avoid loosing your progress when a desync happen or if something else goes wrong. The other players ingame should use the exact same saves or not have save data at all.

Muppen ++ Download

  • Download Muppen++, the emulator used to play most N64 games online.
  • Extract the file on your computer and create a “roms” folder in “Mupen64++ Beta” directory.
  • Put your ROMs (game files) in “Mupen64++ Beta”.
  • Launch “mupen64pp.exe”.
  • Click on “Options“, then on “Settings“.
  • Click on the “Directories” tab, and on “Add“.
  • Select your “roms” folder and click on “OK“.
  • Click on “Options”, then on “Input Settings…” to setup your gamepad or keyboard.
  • Click on “Utilities” and on “KailleraClient (NetPlay)
  • Click on “Master Server List” and wait for all servers to ping. Select any server with a low ping and click on “Connect“. It is recommended that you download the latest server list in case kaillera service goes offline.
Please note that for the best experience one should run the plugins specified in the comments (if any).
To add plugins in Mupen64++ please follow these steps:
[1] Close Mupen64++
[2] Open the plugin folder (defualt folder is ‘plugin’)
[3] Place files insides of folder
[4] Reopen Mupen64++
[5] Goto Settings (Options -> Settings or ‘CTRL + S’)
[6] Select the new plugin in the proper category.
[7] Click Ok
For games such as Mario Party or Mario Tennis using GLIDE64 or RICE Video plugin
will fix some graphic glitches but for everything else use JABO DIRECT3D8 as it
is the most STABLE overall video plugin.
To update the rom list to show unidentified roms Right Click the rom then click ROM Properties. Now open the unused uncompressed Mupen64.ini (located outside of the folder) and add the information using same format as other roms.
[MD5 Checksum]
Good Name= Rom Name
Header Code= Ini Code