Play Station Netplay Tutorial

Play Station Netplay Download

  • Download CyberPad 1.4 (ePSXe 1.6.0), the emulator used to play PSX games online.
  • Extract the files on your computer and launch “ePSXe.exe”.
  • Click on “Config“, then on “Wizard Guide” to get through the configuration. All players must use the same configuration.
  • Click on “Config“, then “Netplay” and make sure CyberPad 1.4 is highlighted
  • Click “run CD-ROM” or “run ISO” depending on the support of your game file.
  • Click on “Master Server List” and wait for all servers to ping. Select any server with a low ping and click on “Connect“. It is recommended that you download the latest server list in case kaillera service goes offline.

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