SNES Netplay Tutorial

  • Download Snes9k 0.09z2, the SNES emulator used for online play.
  •  Run the setup wizard to install the program. Then, launch Snes9K.
  •  Click on “Input” and on “Joypad configuration…” to configure your controller or your keyboard. Click on the rectangle box beside the first input (UP) and assign all the inputs. When done, click on OK.
  •  Click on “File” and “Load Game…” to load a ROM (game file) and test your controls. When ready, click “File” and “Play Kaillera Game”. Use google to find ROMs or ask in the Chat if you can’t find the one you are looking for.
  • Click on “Master Servers List” or “Anti3d Servers List
  • Select any server with a low ping and click on “Connect”.