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Welcome to Remz Lab official website! Get the latest version of our NES hacks! This place provides you with new content for classic vintage video games. The main focus is to give thoses games a second life by creating new levels, new maps, new graphics or anything susceptible to improve their replay value.

NES Hacks by RemzLab

Super Mario Bros Rebirth NES Hacks by RemzLab

Super Mario Bros Rebirth (2011)

Zelda II Master Quest

Zelda II Master Quest (2013)

Blaster ReMaster

Blaster ReMaster (2012)









Super Mario Bros Rebirth

Zelda II Master Quest

Blaster ReMaster



Since there is now a lot of rom hacks out there, it has become harder and harder to find really good ones that you will want to play to the end. We are in the early stage of creating an Elite Hacks Archive that contains only the best rom hacks that meet a list of high quality standards. You know a good hack? Feel free to contribute!

Of course, the selection process for the archive is very arbitrary and subject to debate, but there is not as much grey zones as it may first seem. It’s based mostly on factors like fairness, (can’t be punished for playing well, can’t get stuck, can’t softlock without knowing…), quality of the design, quantity of changes and difficulty balance. The more the hack feels like a licenced game, the most likely it is to be added to the site, but there are also obvious exceptions to that. Remz Lab’s NES Hacks will be used as reference on what are the minimum requirements for hacks to be added and Acmlm’s NES Hacks will be used to demonstrate how a really good hack can be added regardless of the standard requirements. People should be able to pick any given hack in the list and play it to the end like a regular licenced game. If you would like to add any suggestion for what you think would make a good high quality standard, or would like to submit a link to a high quality hack, feel free to contrubute!